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We are so grateful for everyone who has supported us throughout the year. Even the smallest of actions helps make a difference, whether it be helping survivors directly, donating, or helping us spread awareness about gbv through social media. Your support makes a difference. 

To those who have donated… From the smallest to the biggest of donations, we are all so grateful. Your contribution has allowed us to provide, care for and give our survivors and children a second chance. We also thank the basketeers and anyone else who donated during the holidays. The kids were very excited to receive gifts this year. The holiday season would have not been the same without your kindness. 

To those who support survivors…From frontline workers and other vaw service providers, to those who advocate for survivors of abuse, and to the individuals who support survivors near and dear to them, we are so grateful for all the hard work you do. You play an essential part in helping to end Gender-based Violence. 

To those who support and follow us…we appreciate all the support we can get. Public awareness is key when trying to achieve systemic change. To the supporters and followers who like, share, comment, or advocate for our shelter, you help us spread awareness about these crucial and important topics.

Thank you so much everyone for your support!