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Child Witness Program

Child Witness is a program is designed to support mothers and woman-identifying caregivers, along with their children, who have experienced or witnessed intimate partner violence. 

The main goal of this 10 week group is to assist mothers and caregivers in supporting their children in healing from the effects of witnessing violence as well as supporting the children in sharing their stories and understanding the violence they have witnessed is not their fault.

Child Witness Program is typically broken down into 9 different sections focusing on identifying types of abuse; understanding feelings and emotions; creating safety; and dealing with family changes. Studies have shown that witnessing intimate partner violence can be as harmful as experiencing it directly.  Our hope is to open the lines of communication between mothers and their children to begin the healing process.

Please contact Tina or Katie at (807)345-0450 for more information on how to register for this program.

Registration is ongoing. Groups are offered based on intakes and registrations.