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Transitional & Housing

Transitional Support Workers believe every survivor and child has the right to live without fear of physical or emotional abuse and without criticism and judgement.

We believe every survivor has the right to decide for themselves the direction of their own lives, according to their own values and beliefs.

We believe survivors in our society, when relieved from the pressures of an abusive environment, can develop their full potential to live a full and rich life.

We believe each survivor should live with respect, dignity and pride; regardless of race, ethnic, citizenship, marital status, family status or special needs.

We believe that survivors who identify as a woman, including Trans/Transmasculine, or gender/sexually diverse persons should have equal access to GBV services and support without experiencing judgment or hate.

Our Program Offers

    • Safety Planning
    • Transition Plans
    • Confidential Individual Counselling
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Advocacy
    • Assistance with Housing applications and access to priority housing
    • Referrals to Community Agencies
    • Services & Support for Trans/Transmasculine people
    • Upgrading/Education Support
    • Income Support/Budgeting
    • Custody Support
    • Legal Information & Support
    • Parental Support
    • Follow-up Services
    • Health & Wellness Support
    • Support Networks
    • Stress Management

Are You Being Abused?

    • Are you afraid to challenge your partner’s opinion?
    • Do you accept blame for your partner’s action?
    • Are you apologetic for your partner’s behaviour?
    • Do you blame yourself for a bad relationship?
    • Are you afraid of your partner’s temper?
    • Does your partner hit you?
    • Does your partner criticize everything you do?
    • Do you question your sanity?
    • Are you concerned about your child’s treatment by your partner?
    • Do you feel isolated from your friends and family

Statistics On Abuse

    • More than 4 out of 10 women are abused in their lifetime
    • 3 out of 5 transgender women have experienced IPV since the age of 16
    • Women are five times more likely than men to experience sexual assault

If You Decide To Leave:

    • Seek legal advice for legal options
    • Take your children with you
    • Take proper identification
    • Take bank cards, credit cards etc.
    • Pack ahead of time and leave items at a safe place
    • Establish a plan – Where is a safe place to go?- Shelter, friends, family, etc.
    • Remember – Safety Always First

Peace Bond

A Peace Bond is a court order which requires your partner to keep the peace and abide by any other conditions.

To Obtain a Peace Bond:

    • Report incident to the Police to obtain an incident number.
    • Make an appointment with the Justice of the Peace – (807) 625-1600.
    • You need to convince the J.P. you fear another person will cause you or your children personal injury.
    • If there is sufficient grounds, the J.P. will set a court date and a Court Summons will be served to your partner.

It is always a good idea to have a Certified Copy of the Peace Bond with you in case you need to call the Police to enforce the Peace Bond.