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Caring Dads

This group is aimed at fathers who have abused or are at risk of abusing their children.

This group intervention focuses on helping men end the use of abusive parenting strategies, recognize attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that support healthy and unhealthy father-child relationships and begin to appreciate the impact of child maltreatment and partner assault on children.

Many fathers are likely to benefit from participation in the program but in particular, the program is geared to men who use overly controlling, physically or emotionally abusive and/or neglectful parenting strategies. Appropriate candidates include but are not limited to men who:

Have physically or emotionally abused their children

  • Have physically or emotionally abused their children’s mothers
  • Are at risk for maltreating their children
  • Have an overbearing, controlling style of interacting with their children
  • Are alternatively over-involved and distant with their children
  • Have, in the past had only supervised access to their children due to concerns about child maltreatment

Eligibility is determined during a required screening interview. For further information contact the Program Coordinator. 


Chloe Poulin (Caring Dads Coordinator)