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Early Childhood Education

(child & youth) program

Early Childhood Education (Child & Youth) Program

The ECE program in an inclusive childhood environment that fosters the growth and development of each child as an individual. Child and Youth Workers plan and implement developmentally appropriate experiences and outings for the children and families staying at the house, allowing them the opportunity to experience, grow and learn. Keeping routines and structure during this time of crisis is imperative.


  • meet each child’s needs in all areas
  • promote early intervention
  • utilize community referrals
  • Empower caregivers by providing education and access to resources
  • introduce mindfulness to families

Early Childhood Educators:

  • Advocates for children and families
  • Assists with reintegrating into the school system
  • Provides quality childcare for programming, appointments, etc.
  • Safety plans with children and caregivers

Provides respite care to survivors in crisis