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Our Goals for the Sexual Violence Program

To provide advocacy for survivors of sexual violence.

To provide survivors with a space to be heard and be supported.

To provide survivors with supportive counselling and resources to rebuild their lives from the negative impacts of sexual violence.

To increase public awareness of consent and laws against sexual violence and harassment.

To increase public awareness about the pervasiveness and harm of sexual violence and engage the community as partners in the prevention of sexual violence, rape culture, sexual harassment and sex trafficking.

Our Values

Our services are designed to serve the diverse experiences of all members of communities, including, but not limited to, our Indigenous/Metis/Inuit, 2-Spirited, LGBTQAI+, Black/racialized, disabled, non-binary, disabled, sex workers, and sex traffic survivors in our community.

Our sex-positive, trauma-informed services are founded on the values of anti-racism, anti-oppression, inclusion and belonging. We understand sexual abuse is rooted in rape culture and used to oppress.

Our Beliefs

One or more individuals can perpetrate Sexual Violence. Sexual Violence has also been facilitated through discriminatory actions and policies of institutions and governments, such as the Indian Residential Schools Act, Residential schools and residential institutions, anti-2S LGBTQAI+ laws and policies (Fruit Project), and anti-sex work laws and policies.
It can be in person or through electronic means (email, phone, online). It can also be perpetrated as a weapon of conflict, war, and hate-based discrimination.