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Sexual Violence Services

Faye Peterson House now manages and operates a sexual violence program where we can provide services and supports to woman-identifying individuals who have experienced sexual assault, sexual abuse, or any other type of sexual violence. All our programs are available at no cost to survivors and are provided for survivors in the City of Thunder Bay.

24-hour crisis and support telephone line

Call: 807-345-0450
Text: 807-700-5011

Services We Offer

We provide free, confidential and immediate support to survivors of sexual violence, as well as to their family members, non-offending partners and friends. Some of our services include…

  • 24-hour crisis and support line
  • 20 week individual counselling and peer support
  • Risk assessment and safety planning
  • Provision of clothing, transportation, childcare, food, etc.
  • Referrals to services/programs
  • Individualized care & support
  • Information on legal and medical options
  • Support with navigating medical, legal and social services
  • Help with victim impact statements and court preparation
  • Support for partners, family and friends of survivors
  • Advocacy & Accompaniment (hospital, police, court)
  • public education


Goals for the Sexual Violence Program

  • To provide advocacy for survivors of sexual violence.
  • To provide survivors with a space to be heard and be supported.
  • To provide survivors with supportive counselling and resources to rebuild their lives from the negative impacts of sexual violence.
  • To increase public awareness about the pervasiveness and harm of sexual violence and engage the community as partners in the prevention of sexual violence, rape culture, sexual harassment and sex trafficking.
  • To increase public awareness of consent and laws against sexual violence and harassment.

Who Do We Serve?

We serve anyone who identifies as a woman, including gender and sexually diverse people, that are aged 16 and above and have experienced any form of sexual abuse or sexual harassment, stalking or sex trafficking at any time in their lives.

Our Values

Our sex-positive, trauma-informed services are founded on the values of anti-racism, anti-oppression, inclusion and belonging. We understand sexual abuse is rooted in rape culture and used to oppress.

Our services are designed to serve the diverse experiences of all members of communities, including, but not limited to, our Indigenous/Metis/Inuit, 2-Spirited, LGBTQAI+, Black/racialized, disabled, non-binary, disabled, sex workers, and sex traffic survivors in our community.

One or more individuals can perpetrate Sexual Violence. Sexual Violence has also been facilitated through discriminatory actions and policies of institutions and governments, such as the Indian Residential Schools Act, Residential schools and residential institutions, anti-2S LGBTQAI+ laws and policies (Fruit Project), and anti-sex work laws and policies.
It can be in person or through electronic means (email, phone, online). It can also be perpetrated as a weapon of conflict, war, and hate-based discrimination.

What is Sexual Violence/Abuse/Harassment?

Sexual Violence is a form of sex-gender-based violence and includes sexual abuse, sexual interference, stalking, sex trafficking and sexual harassment. In the broadest terms, can be described as any form of unwanted sexual touching or behaviour that is unwanted and done by way of threat, coercion, humiliation, intimidation, manipulation, fear, insult, physical violence or exploitation of a sexual nature, including targeting a person’s gender identity and or sexual orientation. Sexual violence can be committed by a spouse, partner, someone you are dating, a friend or someone you just met. Without full or uncoerced consent, it is a criminal offence.

Sexual and gender-based harassment are any comments or actions that are unwelcomed and are meant to demean or coerce someone based on their sex, gender or orientation. It can happen in social settings, workplaces, or when receiving services.

Some Examples of Sexual Abuse:

  • Unwanted sexual activity (e.g.touching, kissing, fondling, rape)
  • Exposure of genitals/nudity/indecent/ sexualized exposure
  • Sexual interference of a child (exposure of adult genitals, exposure to pornography)
  • Sexual Harassment (making jokes, sexual comments, requesting sex or hugs in exchange for something, making derogatory comments about gender identity or sexual orientation)
  • sexual harassment (comments within the workplace or social settings)
  • Forced/coerced sexual photos
  • Non-consensual or coerced sending or giving sexual photographs
  • Forced viewing of sexually explicit/degrading sexual imagery or pornography
  • voyeurism
  • trafficking and sexual exploitation
  • Forced group sex
  • Control of reproductive health
  • Female mutilation
  • Cyber-harassment
  • Ritual Violence

Examples of Sexual violence In a Relationship:

  • Unwanted kissing or touching.
  • Threatening/pressuring you into sex
  • Becoming angry or violent when denied sex
  • Drugging or restricting you to limit your ability to give consent
  • Refusing to wear a condom without your consent
  • Restricting your access to birth control
  • Recording you in a sexual way without your consent
  • Forcing you to dress sexually


If you or someone you know may be a victim of sexual violence, or you would just like to talk, please contact us. We can offer you more support. If you are unsure if you are a victim of sexual violence, feel free to chat with us about it by calling 807-345-0450 or text us @807-700-5011